Sea water to fill swimming pools

Given the drought situation in Catalonia, the restrictions and state of emergency decreed only allow the filling of swimming pools with seawater. At Tp.Multiaqua we transport and supply seawater for filling swimming pools with tank trucks.


Tank trucks with sea water to fill swimming pools

At Tp.Multiaqua you can buy seawater to fill private or community pools, as well as pools in sports facilities, hotels and tourist establishments. Our process of filling pools with seawater involves capturing seawater 350 meters from the coast and treating it through two sand filters, a protein skimmer and a biological filter, to eliminate impurities and possible organic matter, converting it in a safe salt water for bathing.


Can I fill the pool with sea water?

Seawater has a higher degree of salinity than saltwater pools, while saltwater has a salinity of 5 grams of salt per liter, seawater has a salinity of about 35 grams per liter. This implies that for the pool purification system to work, you must ensure that your pool motors can also work with seawater, and if not, change them. It should also be taken into account that the seawater pool must be filled and emptied without connection to the supply or sanitation networks.

For all of the above, we recommend that you consult with the company that maintains your pool, the compatibility of seawater with the different technical elements with which your pool may be equipped.


Own fleet of tank trucks for seawater pools

  • Delivery and filling of seawater for all Catalonia.
  • We serve everyday, including weekends.
  • We transport seawater to fill pools with tank trucks equipped with pumps and hoses.
  • Our specialized staff will fill your marine pool in record time.

If you are interested in filling your pool while respecting drought restrictions, contact us without obligation via email, form, telephone or by clicking on the what’s app icon.

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